“They figured out my dog has a cardiac issue, they said WSU would be the best place to care for him, and so then they didn’t charge us at all. They did some tests they could have charged for, so that’s pretty great of them. Thanks. I recommend these folks.”
-Doug S., Google

“Great place which helped my fur-baby in a timely matter. He had an allergic reaction with facial swelling and We went in, estimated at a four-hour wait, and were in and out within an hour and a half. The staff was polite, interactive and kept us updated multiple times while we waited in the waiting room. I was constantly informed which meant the world to us. Highly recommend!”
-Heleena L., Yelp

“Last week when we brought in our beloved Obi. The staff there was so attentive and accommodating. They were so understanding with what turned into the loss of our precious family member. The care they provided for us was so incredibly kind during this time was utterly amazing. Our family truly appreciated it so much. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts”
-Mary G., Facebook

“Wow! Amazed at the level of care from this place and staff!! Came in twice unsure if it was an emergency and both times the staff evaluated the situation free of charge! Unbelievable and can’t say enough about the vet that saw my sweet boy Lewis! GREAT experience!”
-Andy A, Google

“This e-vet has a very smooth process for intake, check-up, and check out. The doctor was communicative and gave transparent options to me for my pet’s care. The staff was friendly and efficient! In and out in about 2 hrs.”
-Elizabeth L., Yelp

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“They were very considerate, caring, and willing to assist when they can. Very happy with the care we got today.”
-Billie Joe E., Facebook

“Our dog became ill over two weeks ago. She was puking bile and shaky. We took her to a different emergency clinic over the weekend and she was hospitalized. They were only open 24 hours on the weekends so we had to move her back and forth from a vet during the day and back at night. During this time information wasn’t shared in regards to her liver health and she was basically given a death sentence and sent home with us. I wanted a second opinion and was given that by Pet Emergency Clinic Spokane. They reviewed all the information and we have been able to continue antibiotics and been given medicine to make her liver stronger. She eats, drinks, plays, and loves just like she always has. And while still on the road to recovery, we’ve had two weeks and going strong with great hopes for a full recovery. Thankful for this business, their doctors, and care team, for a second opinion, and for treating her case as an individual and not just numbers on a paper. They are also always open 24 hours so in the event anything were to happen and she needed to be hospitalized, she wouldn’t need to be moved around and put through that ordeal again. ❤️”
-Monica S., Google

“I came here due to an emergency and it was first to pop up when searching online. While I was waiting for my dog in the car I was reading over all the bad reviews….and got nervous BUT my experience was not bad and I am happy to say I would come back if I needed to. However I did have to wait a long time which is a downfall, Their online check-in was smooth, I called when I arrived and I did get the call from them soon after filling out the online form. Upon arrival, I understood instructions for waiting and they gave estimates of wait times and updates and everything was explained by the doctor and front desk well. I felt they took great care of my dog and gave good advice too. I appreciate everything they did. My dog had a deep cut from trying to dig out of her chain-link kennel and needed 7 stitches and her vein stitched too. I feel the prices were fair given the emergency situation…I called my regular vet and after-hours exam would have been more so I would not hesitate to come back here before my regular vet after hours.”
-Crystal D., Yelp

“Staff is always amazing and my Milkshake kitty thinks so as well!”
-Corinne M., Facebook

“Called in first and the guy was so nice and reasonable. When we decided to go in we felt listened to, the wait time was less than an hour, it was clean and very accommodating. Will definitely come back if necessary.”
-Stephanie Mc., Google

“My puppy was throwing up non-stop and all the emergency pet care businesses in the area would not take walk-ins. Pet Emergency Clinic not only took us in right away but they had us in and out in an hour!! The service was amazing. The staff was wonderful and they truly did care for my puppy when she was sick. I would give more than 5 stars if I could. Plus, the price was not as terrible and scary as I thought it would be. Best Emergency pet care in town!!!”
-Shanyce M., Yelp