Slide human to lend a helping hand. focus on a edge of cats paw The Pet Emergency Clinic is here for those unexpected moments when it may be time to make the difficult decision to euthanize your pet. Our doctors and staff are here to provide a humane, compassionate euthanasia for elderly or critically ill pets.

Final Care Options

Final Care Options
The Pet Emergency Clinic offers several special final care options for your pet. You have the option to take your pet home with you for a home burial. We also offer private or communal services through Family Pet Memorial, a trusted company since 1967. Communal cremation is your option if you do not want your pets ashes returned to you. The ashes are spread lovingly over the Family Pet Memorial Cemetary in Colbert by the FPM staff.

Private cremation ensures your pets remains will be cremated privately and separately and will be returned to you. There are 3 basic urn/container choices available to you with your cremation cost. Specialty urns and jewelry can be ordered at an additional cost. Cremains will be delivered back to your regular veterinarian for pick up.

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Family Pet Memorial

In Memoriam

**Prices are subject to change at any time**