At the Pet Emergency Clinic and Referral Center (PECRC), everything we do reflects our core values. And, as the area’s first animal emergency hospital, we’ve had a lot of time to get things right. 

The Pet Emergency Center (PEC) began providing emergency services in Spokane in 1977. We were established by area veterinarians who were looking for a better work-life balance, and formed an emergency clinic together to free themselves from night on-call duties. At the time, PEC, which was operated by two full-time veterinarians and support staff, was enjoying tremendous success. 

Fast forward to today, and the old PEC has grown by leaps and bounds, not only in the number of veterinarians who provide emergency services to local pets in need, but also in the size of our physical presence. In 2016, PEC moved into a brand new, 16,000-square-foot building, and expanded our clinic offerings to include a referral center for veterinary specialties, thus becoming the Pet Emergency Clinic and Referral Center (PECRC). 

The emergency clinic

For more than 40 years, PEC has been treating patients when their regular veterinary clinics are closed. We open at 5 p.m., and we stay open all night long. In addition, we are open 24 hours a day on weekends and holidays.

Our core principles govern everything we do:

  • Compassion — We strive to always show kindness, caring, and a willingness to help.
  • Integrity — We adhere to moral and ethical principles, and honesty, and always follow through on commitments. 
  • Perseverance — We focus on always achieving success, despite difficulties or delays.
  • Respect — We consider our clients and patients by listening and responding to their concerns.
  • Collaboration — We work together with our pet owners, with the common goal of bettering our services and your experiences. 

The referral center

When we moved into our new building, we added a daytime referral center that is staffed by several veterinarians who have undergone additional training and are specialists in these fields: 

  • Internal medicine — Specialists in internal medicine have training and experience with unusual and uncommon companion animal diseases.  
  • Surgery — Board-certified veterinary surgeons perform complicated surgeries that regular veterinarians may not be able to offer.
  • Radiology — Our radiologists offer high-level services, such as CT scans, ultrasound, and digital X-rays.
  • Clinical pathology — Clinical pathologists analyze blood, tissue, and fluid samples onsite to provide timely diagnoses.
  • Dermatology — Veterinary dermatologists handle patients who have been referred with persistent or confounding dermatologic signs.

Pet Emergency Clinic and Referral Center

Our knowledgeable veterinary specialists, together with the emergency clinicians at the animal emergency hospital, are the reason our new hospital was recently awarded the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of the Year by dvm360 news magazine, but our main focus is providing Spokane-area clients and their pets with excellent service that is second-to-none. 

Together, our emergency clinic and our referral center provide top-notch care for your four-legged family members. If your pet comes into our clinic on an emergency basis after hours and needs additional diagnostic tests or an internal medicine referral, she doesn’t need to leave the building. 

For instance, if your pet presents to our emergency clinic with back pain, our onsite clinics can meet all her needs. Our emergency clinicians can make her comfortable and start her diagnostics, we can take a CT scan onsite to confirm her diagnosis, and then we can transfer her to our surgeons, if necessary. We can reduce the stress to you and your pet by providing all the services your pet needs at our one-stop clinic, rather than driving from an emergency clinic to various specialty practices to get help.

However, your pet doesn’t have to present to the animal emergency hospital to see the onsite veterinary specialists—they are available for referral appointments from area veterinarians. 

PECRC is open 24 hours per day, every day, so we are always available for you and your pet. If you have a pet emergency, call us at 509-326-6670 to let us know you’re on your way. If you need a specialty appointment, such as internal medicine, we’d be happy to set up an initial consultation—give us a call at 509-326-7246. And, if you would like to stop by and see our award-winning facility and meet our team, we would love to meet you.