Lending a Helping Paw: How PECRC Gives Back to Our Community

Working in emergency veterinary medicine can be an incredibly difficult and heartbreaking career path, but one with plentiful rewards. Although we often see pets and their families at their lowest, we know we are doing our part to help. Nothing is more rewarding and uplifting than seeing an extremely ill pet walk out the door [...]

Introducing a New Pet to Your Household: 9 Tips for a Smooth Transition

Are you ready to add a new pet to your household? Is your current pet ready? They may be delighted to have a new friend, or they may resent the disruption to their normal routine. Slow introductions and realistic expectations will help pets more readily adjust to the changes and become best friends. Here are [...]

Align Care

AlignCare - We have seen 2 patients who utilize Align Care's awesome benefits! Both bills ended up being over $1,000, with the client only being responsible for $200-$300! The estimate/decision making portion of a patients stay is often the longest. With clients unsure on the most feasible route for their life, AlignCare has simplified the [...]

Pet Health Care for All: Making a Dream a Reality

In honor of World Health Day, our team wants to highlight the importance of accessible veterinary care for all pets. This year, World Health Day focused on building a fairer, healthier world, making quality health services available to everyone, when and where they need them. The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the great inequality [...]

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