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11 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

The CATalyst Council’s mission is to enable the lifelong health and welfare of companion cats. To counteract stereotypes and ensure cats receive appropriate care, enrichment, and veterinary attention, they have designated September as Happy Cat Month. Our team at Pet Emergency Clinic and Referral Center would like to provide tips to help you be the [...]

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Feel Good Medicine—How to Medicate Your Pet Like a Pro

Administering medication to dogs and cats can send a wave of dread over the most devoted pet owners—some dogs and cats possess a knack for finding every pill, escaping every hold, and dodging every eye drop. Pet Emergency Clinic and Referral Center understands that medicating your pet can require prescription-strength patience, so here is a [...]

Nothing to Fear—8 Ways to Reduce Veterinary Stress for Your Pet

“My pet hates this place” is commonly heard at veterinary hospitals. Other owners nod in sympathetic agreement, and voice their own pet’s thoughts of, “Get me out of here!” or “Don’t let them touch me!” Popular opinion suggests that despising the veterinarian is normal and expected for pets, and nothing can be done—but it doesn’t [...]

The Winning Shot—The Importance of Pet Vaccination

August is National Immunization Awareness Month, an annual campaign to improve public understanding of vaccines, and their vital role in the prevention of debilitating and deadly diseases. Pets worldwide now enjoy an extended quality and quantity of life, which is a testament to veterinary vaccination protocols. Vaccinations are easy and affordable, and can help ensure [...]

Is Boredom Harming Your Cat? 4 Enrichment Activities for Indoor Cats

Hanging out in the same place day after day can become rather boring, especially if you have few chances to indulge in your natural instincts and behaviors. While dogs can be hooked to a leash and taken for walks in new locations, most cats are not harness-trained and remain inside their home to stay safe. [...]

5 Veterinary Emergencies That Spaying or Neutering Your Pet Could Prevent

As a pet owner, you know that spaying or neutering your furry pal can help prevent a multitude of health and behavior issues, as well as reduce the number of homeless pets in animal shelters. But, did you know these procedures could also save pets’ lives? Pets who remain intact can suffer from serious illnesses [...]

Why Does My Cat Do That? Odd Behaviors that Could Mean Your Cat Is Sick

Cats can be odd creatures, whether they’re running wild through your home in the middle of the night, or making biscuits on your lap. While some behaviors are considered normal for felines, others can indicate your cat is sick or injured. How can you tell the difference? In addition to contacting your family veterinarian or [...]

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