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Sugar, Sugar—Diabetes Mellitus in Pets

Your pet’s diabetes diagnosis can feel like a life sentence for everyone involved. You likely imagine your pet needing endless needle sticks, veterinary appointments, and dietary restrictions, while you constantly measure, record, and manage every detail.  Many pet owners are confused and overwhelmed by the ins and outs of diabetes. While your family veterinarian is [...]

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5 Things to Know About Chocolate Toxicity in Pets

The best things in life aren’t always sweet—that saying rings true for pets when you consider chocolate, which may be sweet, but is highly toxic to pets, and continues to rank among the top 10 most common pet toxins every year. In 2020, the ASPCA Pet Poison Control Center received an alarming 76 pet chocolate-ingestion [...]

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Deck the Howls—How to Have a Pet-Safe Holiday

The holidays can be more hairy-scary than holly-jolly for our pets, thanks to toxic foods, dangerous decor, and crazy company. Fortunately, creating a safe and enjoyable experience that includes your pet is easy. All it takes is a little planning, using these tips from Pet Emergency Clinic and Referral Center.  #1: Plan pet-friendly activities Popular [...]

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Is Your Pet Losing Their Mind? Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in Pets

Cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS), commonly known as doggy dementia, can affect both cats and dogs. Although not considered a normal aging change, this condition typically appears in older pets, and increases in severity and occurrence with advanced age. CDS can be troubling to watch, as your pet becomes confused and anxious, but methods are available [...]

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Turkey Day Tragedies: 7 Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets

As Thanksgiving approaches, you prepare to gather with friends and family—both two- and four-legged ones—and indulge in all the bounty the season has to offer. Unfortunately, pets cannot handle a holiday binge as well as people, and often develop food-related illnesses brought on by overindulgence. Other holiday hazards also abound, so keep a close eye [...]

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When Walking Hurts: Arthritis in Pets

As your pet ages, they’ll likely develop arthritis, but young cats and dogs can also suffer from this degenerative joint condition. Although this progressive disease has no cure, identifying the problem, and beginning appropriate management measures early, can help keep your furry pal active, healthy, and happy.  What is arthritis in pets? Arthritis, which is [...]

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Don’t Scratch That! 6 Alternatives to Declawing Your Cat

A common complaint of cat owners is that their feline friends are prone to scratching inappropriate items, such as a brand-new leather sofa, a set of curtains, or even a leg. To eliminate this behavior, cat owners may turn to declawing. However, this practice is controversial and has been outlawed in many countries, and a [...]

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