Anal Glands Expression in Spokane, WA

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Both dogs and cats have small glands or sacs near their anus that produces and releases a liquid. This liquid may be important for animals to identify one another or mark territory. However, when the anal glands do not release naturally, this can pose health risks for your pet. Anal gland expression in Spokane, WA may be necessary if you suspect your pet has issues with anal glands that do not release.

How to tell if your pet’s anal glands need to be expressed?

The most common way to recognize problems with anal glands is if your pet is doing a lot of scooting on the ground. Even though a lot of pet owners assume this is an indicator of worms in the digestive tract, anal gland issues can also be to blame.

Other symptoms that the anal glands need to be emptied include:

Straining to defecate
Swelling or redness of the rectum
Foul-smelling fluid leaking from the rectum
Constant licking of the rear end
A mass close to the rectum

Anal Glands Expression in Spokane, WA

Why Get Your Pet’s Anal Glands Expressed in Spokane, WA

Even though the anal glands do normally release their contents when your pet defecated, if you spot signs of trouble, it may be time to visit the vet. A veterinarian can safely perform anal gland expression to release the backed-up contents. If the anal sacs do not release properly on their own, this can lead to problems with infection and potentially anal gland ruptures. Fistulas may also form, especially in certain breeds, and these often have to be surgically removed.

Cat Anal Glands Expression in Spokane, WA

What to Expect During and After the Procedure

Anal glands can be expressed via manual manipulation, either from the outside of your pet’s body or inside their anal canal. If your vet suspects that the fluids inside the anal sacs are too thick for proper secretion, they will perform manual evacuation.

This is not necessarily a painful process for most pets unless there is a great deal of inflammation. However, your pet may be a little uncomfortable during the process. Depending on the extent of the problem, the vet may use a mild sedative just before expressing the glands.

Suspect your pet needs its anal glands checked out?

If you’ve recognized some of the aforementioned symptoms, it may be time to speak to us about expressing your pet’s anal glands, please contact us today at (509) 326-6670