AlignCare – We have seen 2 patients who utilize Align Care’s awesome benefits! Both bills ended up being over $1,000, with the client only being responsible for $200-$300! The estimate/decision making portion of a patients stay is often the longest. With clients unsure on the most feasible route for their life, AlignCare has simplified the owners struggles. AlignCare takes care of 80% of the clients bill, making every decision they make, a tremendous amount easier! Clients have stated this about AlignCare (but choose to remain anonymous): “It was truly a godsend. Taking away 80% of my bill is astronomical. We couldn’t be more thankful.” Our hospital director worked closely with our first AlignCare client to really see the difference in clients stress levels and communication. Kevin had this to say: “After seeing so many clients stressed due to financial restraints, AlignCare is the epitome of live-saving. There are several layers to any visit with a veterinarian, taking away the most stressful one allows us to serve our clients and patients that much more.”

Hambone Award – The Hambone Award Check is gifted to clinics with true hero stories. The actual Nationwide Hambone Award is gifted to the pets with the oddest insurance claim of the year. Some claims funny, others traumatic. Often those traumatic stories, have a heart warming ending. Two German shepherds went missing for about 22 days. The owners were searching the woods behind her house daily. It was very hard to keep hope alive. On a random Tuesday, she spotted a couple stray dogs walking around the entrance to an abandon missile silo. This silo was used during the Cold-War and has been deactivated for a very long time. After a brief exploration in the silo, the owner came to a ladder and started down. Without even getting all the way down, she knew what she saw. Scared and malnourished, her 2 dogs were timid, but knew help was on the way. She climbed back up the silo ladder and called 911 for help. The pets were eventually brought here for treatment, as home treatment was not getting the pets where they needed to be. In terms of condition, these pets were not a complicated case and recovered uneventfully. Which is everything a veterinarian wants! Since then we have used the Hambone Award Check to take care of a portion of bills for clients who have reached their financial limit. We have used this check to help out over 10 clients in the 2 year span we have had it. The biggest success story is Frankie, Wicker (we have done an article on her before)

Spokane Humane Society – Helped implement AlignCare. Only clinics partnered with AlignCare in Spokane are Humane Society and Pet Emergency. Spokane Humane Society is a no kill adoption shelter who promotes fostering to find forever homes. No pets are turned away due to spacing issues, as their clinic holds onto the most medically necessary patients and release the mild cases to foster homes who find forever homes! They also do low income spaying a neutering on certain days to reduce the surplus animal population throughout Spokane. They have sustained a live release rate of more than 95% since 2008! We partner with them by referring clients for spaying/neutering and facilitate care of AlignCare patients

Murci’s Mission – A 501c3 animal rescue that takes animals with limited options, places them into foster care and seeks veterinary care for them, until healthy and ready to be adopted! We utilize Muric’s Mission during times where none of our available options for treatment/payment line up with that of the owners. When an animal is in poor but savable condition and euthanasia is not recommended by a veterinarian, there may be very limited options for an owner who is disabled to care for their pet in the proper way. Maybe the client has become too old to hold down a squirming cat to properly get medication into his mouth. Whatever the reason, it is 100% the owners decision. We never force a client to relinquish their pet, but we do give the option in times of ultimate distress. We partner with Murci’s Mission by referring clients for relinquishments and providing veterinary care to the patients.

Donations – There is a shelter in Spokane called the Hope House. It is a shelter for women who have suffered from homelessness along with addiction or mental health problems. We have found it greatly important to donate new and used clothes for women and babies. Feminine hygiene products, pet food, blankets, pillows, as well as lotions, baby food/formula, canned and boxed non-perishables. Our clinic fills a giant crate and does about 3 runs per year. Holiday season is especially donation-happy around PEC!

Here is our community outreach over the last year/two. We have also completely revamped our management team and added a ton of new positions to facilitate communication issues that we have had in the passed! But we can get into that part next article!