How to Spot and Manage Separation Anxiety in Your Pet

Pets suffer from separation anxiety much more than pet owners realize. Stress and anxiety signs can be subtle and difficult to detect, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. To help spot separation anxiety in your pet—and manage their stress—check out the following common scenarios.  Scenario one: Simba the stressed A large, red [...]

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5 Tips to Make Traveling with Pets Hassle-Free

When traveling with your pet, many things can go awry, from misplaced food, forgotten prescriptions, and sometimes great escapes. Keep your furry pal safe when traveling by ensuring their collar ID tags and microchip registration information are current. Additionally, follow these five tips to make traveling with your four-legged friend a breeze.  #1: Make your [...]

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The Trouble with Black-Legged Ticks: Lyme Disease in Your Pet

Does the thought of a tick crawling on you or your pet creep you out? These tiny parasites are termed “creepy crawlies” for a reason, and not only for their disturbing appearance. Ticks are well-known for carrying a large arsenal of deadly diseases that can harm you and your furry pal, with Lyme disease one [...]

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5 Ways to Enrich Your Pet’s Life At Home

As winter approaches and tightens its chilly grip on Spokane, your furry pal—and you—may not want to venture outdoors for a stroll around the neighborhood. Whether you stay inside because of rain, snow, or quarantine, indoor enrichment for your pet is vital for their mental and physical health. If pets become bored and unfulfilled, a [...]

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