5 Pet Halloween Hazards that Require Emergency Care

Halloween is typically full of enjoyable spooky situations but, sometimes, they go wrong, especially when pets are involved. Your curious four-legged friend may get up to no good during this frightening holiday and create a Halloween horror worthy of a top-rated Netflix spot. If your pet encounters an emergency situation this holiday, trust that your [...]

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4 Surprising Things You May Not Know About Your Pet’s Veterinary Technicians

When your pet comes into the Pet Emergency Clinic and Referral Center, an entire team of experienced, compassionate veterinary professionals is on hand to give them the highest quality care. While our entire tight-knit group is composed of talented individuals, we’d like to highlight our veterinary technicians during National Veterinary Technician Week, which begins October [...]

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Obesity in Pets: Is Extra Weight Shortening Your Pet’s Life?

The draw of a chunky kitty or pudgy pooch is undeniable, but those extra pounds shouldn’t be adored. Additional weight on pets is as unhealthy for them as for you, and the excess poundage will likely shorten your pet’s life. Obesity in pets can lead to a slew of chronic conditions that can seriously harm [...]

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