10 Tips to Help Your Pet Earn Employee of the Month

If you’ve been working from home since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve likely enjoyed the time spent with your furry coworker—although your cat may have other ideas about your constant presence. Pets are an excellent way to break up a boring Zoom meeting, offer stress relief, create ice-breakers, help form coworker bonds, and [...]

The Cat’s in the Bag: Getting Your Cat to Your Veterinarian for Emergency Health Care

In a critical situation, you don’t want to be coercing your cat into a carrier for a trip to your veterinarian, or to our emergency clinic. However, some situations require urgent care, and your feline friend must be transported to a veterinary facility for immediate attention. To help you keep your cool during an emergency, [...]

What’s that Smell? Anal Glands in Pets

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a foul-smelling fluid deposit from your pet’s hind end, you’ve likely experienced an anal gland expression. Anal gland fluid, whose odor is often compared to smelly fish, creates an unforgettable smell that is difficult to eliminate from your clothes, furniture, or nostrils. Although you wish your [...]

Why is My Dog Coughing? Canine Influenza Signs and Treatment

These days, a cough, including a cough from a dog, can cause panic, despite the fact that dogs don’t seem to become truly ill with the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. But, since your pooch likely does not have a COVID-19 infection, why are they disturbing your sleep with that hacking cough coming from the foot of [...]

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