How to Recognize and Manage Cognitive Dysfunction in Your Senior Pet

As pets age, they can develop progressive body system changes that can affect behavior, such as kidney or liver failure, endocrine disorders, pain, and any disease affecting the central nervous system or circulation. Senior pets also can experience “senior moments,” and demonstrate cognitive issues. While your furry pal can’t forget where they left their glasses, [...]

Tick-Borne Tragedies and Flea Fiascos: How to Protect Your Pet from Fleas and Ticks

At the sight of a flea or tick, most people recoil in disgust. But, did you know these tiny pests can transmit serious diseases, and cause illness severe enough to land your pet in our emergency hospital during the weekend? Despite their small size, external parasites can pack a hefty punch, so year-round parasite prevention [...]

How to Keep Your Pet Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

Each summer, too many pets suffer from heat exhaustion and heatstroke, including some pets who have experienced overheating in the past. Once a pet has had heatstroke, they are much more susceptible to overheating again, so proper precautions are critical for keeping your best friend cool and safe this summer. Fortunately, we have plenty of [...]

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