Marijuana Toxicity in Pets

An ever-increasing number of households are using marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes, which means that more pets are being exposed to this toxic plant. The ASPCA animal poison control center experienced a 700% increase in marijuara-related calls in 2019, and our animal emergency hospital has seen a similar increase. Pets are more likely to [...]

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How to Prevent Cold-Related Injuries in Your Pet

Winter is here, and we can expect several months of frigid temperatures, wind chill, and snow. You can bundle up to face the cold, but your pet relies on you for protection from winter’s cold-weather hazards. As Eastern Washington’s largest animal emergency hospital, we are open nights, holidays, and weekends to treat winter injuries and [...]

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Safe Landings: 7 Tips for Transporting Your Pet to the Animal Emergency Hospital

Few things in life are more stressful than dealing with a family member’s medical emergency. This includes beloved four-legged family members, too, so keep in mind the following seven tips when your pet has an emergency and needs to be seen at our animal emergency hospital.  #1: Plan ahead The best way to handle an [...]

He Ate What? Poisoning Emergencies in Pets

Veterinary medicine has changed drastically since our clinic opened its doors 40 years ago—gone are the days when you roused your vet out of bed for a middle-of-the-night emergency. Today, many veterinary medicine specialists are available to help your family veterinarian investigate difficult medical cases.  One veterinary specialty field that we use often at the [...]

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